Battling Bots and Bad Guys

As a marketer, your goal is to collect valuable data from people who are interested in what your company is selling. But what if bad actors hijack that process for their own purposes?

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The Anatomy of a Good Email

We’ve invited our friends at AWeber to help BriteVerify users learn how to send more engaging emails. In this piece, Elisabeth Willits, AWeber’s Content Marketing Specialist, explore…

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BriteVerify: Better Than Ever

Today we’re sharing about two exciting upgrades to the BriteVerify platform! The first is a fresh new look to our application. The second is the ability to add multiple users to the same account…

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Is Your Email Worth Framing?

What if your marketing emails could be emotionally honest works of art? What if they could transcend the day-to-day banality of the inbox? What would you do differently if you wished to reach your…

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Be an “Email” Mastermind

Our co-founder James McLachlan penned a piece for the Campaigner blog on “Three Essential Email Mindsets” for marketers. If we do say so ourselves, the whole piece is – ahem – essential reading…

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