Convert Real Customers

Because every customer starts with a real email address

BriteVerify knows what’s real and what’s not

Stop sending your money to nowhere

A fake email is not just a lost opportunity, it’s a financial liability. The minimum value of an email to any company is $10, and at least 15% of all email addresses collected are invalid. Unverified emails do more than take up space: they also incur storage costs with CRM solutions, Databases, and Marketing Platforms, which ends up costing companies billions of dollars each year.

Unverified emails can have consequences beyond wasted spending. It leads to poor inbox deliverability and low Sender reputation.

Calculate your BriteVerify ROI.

Smart campaigns start with real email addresses.

Drag. Drop. Deliver.

Email list verification will reduce your bounce rate by up to 98%. Just drag & drop your email list into our app, or import directly from your marketing platform. We scan the list, show your total records and cost, and at the click of a button you’re on your way to a cleaner list.

After email verification is completed, you can download your clean list, or automatically unsubscribe invalid and risky emails from your marketing campaigns.

Cut. Paste. Clean.

It’s easy to stay clean at point-of-acquisition anywhere you collect an email address, whether it’s on mobile, web, or POS. Our RealTime Email Verification API will make sure that when you collect an email address it’s the real deal.

Enterprise ready, enterprise secure

Fortune 50 companies rely on BriteVerify every day to ensure the quality of their customer data. From Financial Services, to Healthcare, to Government Agencies, to Insurance Companies. The largest companies in the world trust BriteVerify every day.

email verification

Transactional verification APIs designed to work seamlessly in web forms and point-of-sale systems.

Real-time email
list verification

Programmatic and self-service options make secure email list verification available when it’s most convenient.

professional service

Assigned success managers are available to guide your project and support engineers can assist with custom integrations.

Support that’s there
when you need it.

Day or night and around the world, BriteVerify’s support is always here to ensure your success.

Just a penny per email.

The value of an email is the value of a customer. Isn't it worth a penny to make sure a customer is real?

We work where you work.

With support for most major ESPs, marketing platforms and CRMs, BriteVerify works wherever you do.

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