Every Customer Starts With an Email

BriteVerify Email Verification APIs for your POS, online store, or anywhere you acquire customer email addresses.

Real Data. Real People. Real Solutions

Real-time validation via our Developer API puts you in control of your points-of-acquisitions like never before, helping you accomplish what matters most: connecting with real people.

BriteVerify helps eliminate email-entry mistakes, minimize user input, and creates a better sign-up experience. The best part? It’s simple to install and integrates seamlessly with your existing form or marketing platform. Yeah, we thought that was pretty awesome too.

Staying clean is as easy as cut & paste

Real data

BriteVerify’s API works with your sign-up form to validate email addresses as they are entered – stopping invalid email addresses and fraudulent submissions from ever reaching your database.

That means your customers won’t have fill out any annoying CAPTCHAs just to make sure that they’re human.

Real people

We are very strict about who is able to sign up: humans only. Our API monitors each request to help identify role and disposable addresses during acquisition so assessing the risk is easier and empowers you to determine if it exceeds your threshold.

We make sure the people you’re connecting with are just that – people.

Real solutions

We’re with you every step of the way with client support and professional services team. With 24/7 in-app support and an online knowledge base at your disposal, help is never further than a few clicks away.

You can choose to either connect with one of our customer support representatives while you are in the app itself, or check out our documentation site.

Cleaning your email is as easy as drag & drop

Use BriteVerify Email List Verification to remove invalid, undeliverable addresses before you send. Because a message only matters if it’s delivered

We work where you work.

With support for most major ESPs, marketing platforms and CRMs, BriteVerify works wherever you do.

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Just a penny per email.

The value of an email is the value of a customer. Isn't it worth a penny to make sure a customer is real?

Are you ready to know what's real?