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BriteVerify email, phone, and address verification APIs for point-of-sale, web collection, and anywhere you acquire contact information.

Email Verification

Email, Phone, and
Address API

Bulk Verification

Real People. Real Solutions. Real Data.

Real-time validation via our Developer APIs puts you in control of your points-of-acquisitions like never before, helping you accomplish what matters most: connecting with real people.

BriteVerify helps eliminate email, phone, and physical address mistakes. By verifying user input at the point of capture, we create a better overall brand experience. The best part? It’s simple to implement and integrates seamlessly with your existing form or marketing platform.

Yeah, we thought that was pretty awesome too.

Email API

BriteVerify’s Email API works with your sign-up form to validate global email addresses as they are entered – stopping invalid email addresses and fraudulent submissions from ever reaching your database. This includes syntax checks, the validity of the email domain, as well as authentication with the Mailbox Provider for each inbox.

Email, Phone, and Address API

Verifying that you have relevant customer contact data in your CRM means you can be confident in the efforts you’re making to communicate with your clients and prospects. This all-encompassing API ensures email, phone, and address contact fields are complete and verified as they are entered into your data set. This saves the time you would have used to correct mistyped or undeliverable email addresses, avoids wasting time dialing invalid phone numbers, and prevents failed package deliveries resulting in real and measurable benefits to your company.

The Email, Phone, and Address API verifies global email addresses, phone numbers from the US and Canada, and addresses in the US. Phone verification also differentiates the service type (cell, landline, or VOIP) to ensure you’re contacting customers and prospects in accordance to communication guidelines

Bulk Verification API

You have massive amounts of data. But knowing that all the data you have is accurate is an ongoing challenge. With our Bulk Verification API, we can verify millions of email, phone, and address records all at once in a quick and easy way.

This gives you peace of mind, knowing that the data you are using to contact your customers and prospects is accurate and reliable. Reach the right customer, at the right time leading to increased revenue.

Benefits of using customer data validation

Email, phone, and address verification prevents data entry errors and combats stale data. Verified contact data is incredibly important as it supports inbound and outbound communications to and from customer service, marketing, and sales to ensure a great experience for customers and prospects.

Cost Reduction

Eliminate the need to manually complete or fix addresses and phone numbers for inaccuracies. Cut waste by removing stale data.

Improved Accuracy

Improved decision-making with higher confidence in database accuracy.

Effective Communication

Reach the right customer, at the right time with a relevant dataset for marketing and sales communications.

“We reduced our hard bounces on marketing emails by over 45 percent and we removed over 150,000 invalid email addresses from our POS system alone. Without invalid addresses clogging up our list, data from our email service provider becomes more accurate and actionable, and our open and click rates become more reflective of our actual performance.”

Gail Buffington, Director of eCommerce at Soft Surroundings

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