Email Verification Solutions Save Time and Money

Stop talking to no one. Your message may be great, but if you haven’t properly verified the email addresses in your database, your emails will never reach your intended audience. Email marketing is one of the strongest conversion tools in your arsenal, which makes email validity a crucial asset to your performance metrics.

Send Smarter Campaigns and Convert More Leads

Email List Verification

With a simple drag and drop, Validity BriteVerify scans your email database, helping to reduce your bounce rate by up to 98% and providing you with the power to identify which email addresses are deliverable.

Verify your emails with BriteVerify
Verify your emails with BriteVerify

Real-Time Verification

Our real-time APIs work with online signup forms or any place you collect contact information to validate email addresses as they are entered.

Empower Your Team

Become more effective by implementing Validity BriteVerify solutions.


Send campaigns, confident that your sender reputation isn’t being put at risk.


Focus on real leads, knowing that a simple typo will no longer equal a missed opportunity.

Customer Success

Keep the lines of communication open, building relationships and fostering loyalty.

More Than Email Verification

Our enterprise-level solutions support businesses in all industries and allow users to do so much more than verify email addresses. Leverage options that help you manage team spending, control how customer data is verified as well as who has access, and monitor overall data health with reports on the quality of your team’s email lists and online forms.

Start the New Year with a new email list – A verified one.

An invalid email address is not just a lost opportunity, it’s a financial liability. The minimum value of an email to any company is $10, and at least 15% of all email addresses in marketing lists are invalid. So, how much do you think your invalid emails are costing your business? The time to act is now.

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