Are you an Emma user? Then your professional life just got a lot easier. (We can talk about your personal life later.)

Today at Marketing United, BriteVerify (that’s us) and email software and services provider, Emma, announced the integration of our platforms. Why the excitement? This new integration syncs our respective technologies and eliminates the need for Emma users to toggle between two open browser windows to achieve the same result: sparkling, clean email lists and reduced bounce rates — by up to 98%. Now you understand the fanfare.

How the integration works:

When logged into BriteVerify, Emma users can now choose to import their files directly from their Emma accounts into our email verification system. Upon approval of the cost estimate, invalid emails will be automatically unsubscribed, sending the clean list back to Emma – all with the push of a button.  Convenient, right?

Have questions on email verification as part of your email marketing campaigns? Check out our guest blog, “The 5 Things You Should Know About Email Verification”, on Emma’s website and learn about why verification is key to email marketing success.

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