The only good kind of surprise is a surprise party— not a surprisingly bad bounce rate. If you’ve ever been shocked by the number of hard and soft bounces in your email campaign reports then our newest integration with SendGrid should make you want to celebrate.

What does the new integration do?

The new integration provides SendGrid’s 80,000 active customers with a simple data hygiene solution by connecting SendGrid’s API with BriteVerify’s email verification technology. Now, SendGrid customers can verify any email list using BriteVerify at the click of a button.

What about for new or soon-to-be new SendGrid users?

For new SendGrid customers, the integration provides a user interface-based solution to help tackle the challenges that come with moving an email list from another email service provider to the SendGrid system.

For new users transitioning to SendGrid from another email service provider, the new integration also facilitates onboarding best practices by cleaning existing lists prior to importing them into a user’s new SendGrid account. The new integration also ensures that no data will be lost during the transition.

Our e-mail lists are large. Please tell me the verification process isn’t going to take forever.

It won’t. In fact, the new integration is particularly helpful for organizations with larger lists that exceed 1 million email addresses. The larger the list, the faster the BriteVerify validation process occurs.

How do I integrate my BriteVerify and SendGrid accounts? 

Using the new integration is simple and requires zero training. Watch this quick video to see how you can integrate your accounts immediately.

BriteVerify provides Real-time email verification solutions that improve email data quality, Inbox deliverability and email marketing ROI. With offices in the U.S. and the U.K., BriteVerify helps over 35,000 customers in 150 countries collect better email data and send smarter campaigns.