Created on:
August 23, 2017

Better Deliverability with Better Engagement

“Emails earn their place in a user’s inbox by being engaging.” That’s the premise of an article we recently contributed to our friends at AWeber: Five Ways To Increase Your Deliverability By Boosting Engagement.

The piece explores why engagement matters for deliverability and offers tangible ways for email marketers to improve their content. Here’s tip number one:


1) Get Snappier Copy.

You’d never send an email without checking the spelling and grammar. But did you know that software can help you check your writing style, too? Making your prose crisp, brief, and direct can help make your message more readable and more actionable.

Try Hemmingway, which describes itself as “a spellchecker, but for style.” Copy your text onto the site, and free software will encourage you to keep your sentences simple, your words short, and your voice active. It will also give you a readability grade score. If your score is too high, you need to simplify your prose.


Read the full article at AWeber for more tips on creating engaging email content, plus a bonus tip that will help ensure you’re reaching valid email addresses in the first place!

Rozina Hussain
Rozina Hussain is the Director of Product at BriteVerify. Client relations experience and solutions development with a decade of experience at BriteVerify. Enjoys bringing to life varied blends of ideas and seasoned tactics with experience on both technology and client-side teams. (Continuously answering “why” from 3 to 63 year olds with patience only acquired through pure grit. )