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Created on:
October 4, 2017

A Retail Example of Email Validation ROI

What's the only thing better than seeing the ROI? Seeing ROI in graphic detail!

Our partners at Return Path, the deliverability experts, use our technology to help their clients validate their emails and boost deliverability.

Now, Return Path has produced an infographic that explains the two ways we validate email addresses and shows the ROI for a retailer that validates emails as they enter its database. Check it out - that retailer is posting an impressive return on investment

As the holidays approach, email hygiene is essential for retailers hoping to reach out to shoppers. In fact, list hygiene is essential for every email marketer all year long!

PS: No matter your industry, you can calculate your own real-time validation ROI by using the formula we published on our own blog (scroll towards the end of the piece).

Rozina Hussain
Rozina Hussain is the Director of Product at BriteVerify. Client relations experience and solutions development with a decade of experience at BriteVerify. Enjoys bringing to life varied blends of ideas and seasoned tactics with experience on both technology and client-side teams. (Continuously answering “why” from 3 to 63 year olds with patience only acquired through pure grit. )