Upload a list or cut & paste some code and invalid emails are a thing of the past.
Easy. Accurate. Immediate. It's that simple on the BriteSide.

Import email lists from
your computer or the Cloud

View the total records and
maximum estimated cost

Sit back and let BriteVerify
do its work

Download your verified,
squeaky-clean list


We have the tools you need to remove invalid emails from your customer databases, email marketing campaigns, or online newsletters and keep them out for good.

Verify from the desktop or the Cloud

Drag & drop files, or upload
from your desktop, FTP, Email,
or Cloud storage sites like
box.com, Google Drive, and
Dropbox. When you are
finished, you can save them
right back to the Cloud.

Detailed reporting shows you what’s real

View a detailed breakdown of your data in real-time and see how much of it is actually valid. With BriteVerify you have the up-to-date insight you need to send with confidence anytime, day or night.

Sharing makes collaboration easy

Share your verified list &
report with the push of a
button. And with optional
password protection, you don't need to worry about
sensitive data falling into the
wrong hands.

Verify in real-time anywhere instantly

Never lose another conversion because of a user input error. Simply copy and paste a couple lines of code into your existing web form, mobile application, CRM or POS and emails are verified as instantly as they are entered. See our API Docs for details.


Monthly pricing starts at a penny per verification and gets even lower with higher volume.
So the more you BriteVerify the less you pay. No contracts. No subscriptions. No strings attached.

  1. 0-250K$0.01
  2. 250K-500K$0.008
  3. 500K-1MM$0.006
  4. 1MM-2MM$0.005
  5. 2MM+CALL

(Price Per Verification)

Lots of records to verify? Give us a call at + 1 855-862-7483 or contact to discuss high-volume options.